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Welcome to Zandra


“Now Malaysia Batik is more than Sarong. Its Zandra”


Zandra is the local Malaysian brand who are not only promoting Malaysia Batik Product, but also offer the craft, accessories and another creative items.
It’s professionally made. It’s limited edition. It’s special. Because it is by Zandra.

VVIP and International Choice!

Malaysia Best Batik Product!

High quality and worth to spend product!


We are halfway there! We might actually be able to make our Zanbra to be the ‘Malaysia Victoria Secret’. Thank your  so much everyone for helping to make this idea from the paper to be the real product. For those who still not donate yet, you still can be apart of Zanbra in driving the Malaysia Batik to the next level.


Want to know more.


The Journey of Zandra

“What’s up, Zandra?”

The hottest and latest news about Zandra and Zanbra.

Zandra at Art Depot, National Art Gallery

May 28th, 2018

Have you been to National Art Gallery of Malaysia? I am sure, all of us, have been there. If you notice, at the back of National Art Gallery, there have the colourfull cabin as seen in the picture. Ac...

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Hello World!

May 28th, 2018

Hello World! . Today was a historical day because finally Zandra successful to have our own website. . Praise to god. . Stay tune, and i am promise that i will bring you the latest news, sharing and g...

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